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Seat Belt Recall

May 4, 2008

Toyota Motor Corp. has recalled 90,189 Highlander SUV’s because third-row seat belts may not lock in some child-safety seats.  So far, there have been no complaints of injuries as a result of the defect, but what if there had been?

The U. S. Chamber of Commerce talks about frivilous lawsuits and the need for extreme tort reform measures.  Those measures infringe upon the rights of individuals who are seriously injured or killed as a result of defects such as these.  Had one of these seat belts malfunctioned and led to the death of a child, shouldn’t Toyota be held responsible?  Toyota wouldn’t be responsible because they intended to kill someone, but our laws say that if you put a product into the stream of commerce and that product is defective, you are liable for the damages you cause.  That’s not frivilous.  THAT’S THE LAW!!!!


Rating Child Safety Seats

February 1, 2008

According to the Associated Press and the Birmingham News, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is changing the way it rates car seats for children.  They are going to a five-star rating system for car seats.  This new system will assist parents in selecting car seat models.  The rating system will consider ease of installation, ability to secure a child, labeling, and instruction manuals.

According to NHTSA,  seven out of ten car seats are either the wrong size or misused.  Obviously, these factors increase the risk for injury to children.  As a parent who has experienced the frustration with the use of car seats, this is a welcome aid in assisting us with selecting car seats.  As an attorney who pursues product liability claims, this is also a welcome system to help reduce tragic incidents.