Alabama Truck Weight Bill

Alfa has pushed a bill through the Alabama House of Representatives which has passed overwhelmingly.  This bill should shock consumers.  According to the bill, commercial vehicles weighing 13 tons or less will be exempt from federal regulations.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration believes that such a bill will cost lives and federal funding.  According to the federal agency’s records, thirteen percent (13%) of 2005 fatal truck crashes in Alabama involved just such commercial vehicles.

How will this affect you if the bill passes?  Well, any trucks which fall within this category (light dump trucks, some box trucks, etc.) will not be required to adhere to minimum federal standards.  These standards include physical exams for drivers as well as the number of continuous hours they may drive.  If you are like me, it is already scary to drive on our highways with these larger trucks.  Imagine if they aren’t regulated.


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